20 Strange Customs around The World That Looks Insane

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3. Don’t ask for salt when at a host’s place in Egypt

Don't ask for salt when at a host's place in Egypt

Looks like Egyptians get offended easily. So, if you are invited over for dinner and want to add more salt to your dish, dare not touch the saltshaker because Egyptians feel it is equivalent to insulting the host. Oops!

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  1. Hmmm. Crazy people everywhere. what on earth is wrong with most people. Imagine eating the ash of the dead not to talk of that of a child’s placenta.. OMG

    • Eating a child’s placenta I heard is a common practice in China. I heard it has some health benefit, But hey carry your pregnant wife with your bare feet on burning coal is very good… lol!!!. It will help men control their down below knowing that their wife could be pregnant

  2. The world needs to wake up. Imagine this statement “When a family member passes away, women from this tribe have to suffer physical pain besides suffering from emotional grief.”

  3. What sort of devotion do we call no 18.
    Devotees often pierce different parts of their body with silver skewers. So so Insane


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