88 Eye Makeup And Human Eye Facts That Are Shocking

88 Eye Makeup And Human Eye Facts That Are Shocking
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Here at Viral Gossip Talk, we’ve put together 88 eye makeup and human eye facts about your eyes that will help you realise just how remarkable they truly are:

1.The most common eye colour in the world is brown.
brown eye
With over 55% of the world’s population having brown eyes, it remains the most common colour. Eye colour is determined by genetics, because they dictate how much melanin is produced in your iris.

2.Some people are born with mismatched eye colours. This condition is known as heterochromia, and is usually the result of a relative lack or excess of pigment in one eye. It is most often inherited, but may also occur due to disease or injury.

3. Number of working parts present in human eyes is more than 2 million.

4. Human eyes are capable of focusing at 50+ things at any given second.

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