Bizarre As Camera caught Woman Stealing Drink worth over a thousand dollars

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Do you know that

1. Estimates has it that there are currently 27 million shoplifters in the U.S. today, which means 1 in 11 of us steal from stores and retailers.

2. Those 27 million criminals must be busy because it’s estimated there are between 330-440 million individual cases of shoplifting every year, which comes to 1 – 1.2 million shoplifting incidents daily, or 50,000 every hour.

3. Approximately 10 million people have been caught shoplifting over the last 5 years, at an average of 2 million nabbed ‘lifters every year!

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4. In the time it takes you to read this blog, about 1,500 items with a total price tag of about $200,000 will be shoplifted from U.S. stores!

The Price Tag on Shoplifting:

5. The damage done by shoplifting is not only to the retailer or store, but impacts all of us. The extra burden on security, police, courts, and store losses are all passed down to taxpaying consumers.

6. Also, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) found that shoplifting costs retailers about $13 every year. And the American taxpaying public a total of about $33.21 billion yearly, or about $75,000 every minute!

7. For the average retailer, losses due to shoplifting average 1.7% of all gross sales. Shoplifting accounts for about 33% of all total inventory shrinkage (damage, loss, employee theft, expiration, etc. are all other reasons for inventory shrinkage.) Interestingly, 33.1% of total inventory shrinkage is employee theft, which is not classified as shoplifting.

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