Bodycam Shows Officer Rescuing A Women and 3 Children from Husband Shooter

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Previously, due to the ongoing prosecution of the shooter in this case. Additional video showing the heroic actions of other deputies responding to this call which was not in release.

Now that a jury has convicted the defendant of attempted second-degree murder, we are able to share a more complete picture of the events of that day.  And the outstanding work of the deputies who responded.

Deputy Justin Ferrari of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office was one of the cops who responded to a call placed by Victoria Rosado, 26, on Sunday. After her estranged husband opened fire inside her home, shooting her in the leg.

The young mother was inside with her three children, ages 7 to 23 months, at the time. And her ex Emanuel Rosado, 26, who refused to leave and even fired at police twice during the incident.

Deputy Ferrari quickly sprang into action when he arrived. And getting Victoria and her three children to safety and saving their lives.

Victoria contacted emergency services on Sunday after Emmanuel entered her home and began acting ‘crazy’ according to the Sheriff’s Office. 

She remained on the phone for several minutes, stating that her ex refused to leave the residence and kept attempting to break into the bedroom where she was trying to hide for him.

There was then a scream and the line went dead.

Emmanuel has now been charged with three counts of attempted 1st-degree murder. And on Monday broke down in tears during his first court appearance.

Victoria is improving after being airlifted to a nearby hospital, and a GoFundMe page has been created to help her and her three children in the wake of this horrific incident. 

The page is hoping to raise $50,000 to help with her medical bills and for the family to relocate.

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