Boss In Business meeting And What Went Wrong During Business Deal

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    Two employees have since been arrested and face defamation charges. Also as well as further punishment for spreading “false rumours” after they allegedly shared the footage.

    The phrases “Southern Power Grid” and “Use Love to Make Power” have become two of the most blocked terms on social media site Weibo, according to Free Weibo.

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    The phrases have even overtaken “constitutional change” and “Xi Jinping”.

    The manager has been identified on some social media channels. But claims he is being deliberately framed and vowed to file libel lawsuits.

    Two Chinese state-owned electricity provider employees were arrested yesterday.

    China Southern Power Grid, which is one of two state-owned power providers, is pressing charges against Tang and Wang, who have reportedly since admitted spreading the rumours online.

    Wang told police that she “further dramatised” rumours and shared them to major web forums online.

    The case remains under investigation.

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