Dancer confronts surgeon who Messed Up a Surgery job on Her: See what she had to lose

    Pole dancer confronts surgeon
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    Ekaterina Abdulina a bodybuilder and pole dancer , 37, lost one of her bre(a)sts due to an infection

    This is the moment a furious woman confronted the surgeon who “bungled” her b00b job, leaving her with just one breast. This is based on a medical surgery performed on her patient.

    Ekaterina Abdulina, 37, a bodybuilder, pole dancer and bik(i)ni-wearing DJ. Says she was left in “agony” after her enlargement surgery went horribly wrong in a Russian clinic.

    She claims her private life and career are in ruins and she has been disfigured and turned into an “invalid”.

    bodybuilder and surgeon doctor case

    A criminal case is underway into surgeon Irina Shmarina.

    But the aggrieved patient took a film crew from Russian state-owned channel NTV with her, tracking down the medic in an elite clinic.

    Ekaterina – or Katya – told the plastic surgeon bluntly: “You left me with just one bosom.

    “You have seriously damaged my health.

    “You have ruined my private life and my career in sports.

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    “Are you aware of a criminal investigation against you?”

    The doctor nodded but did not reply in her new clinic in Novosibirsk – a job she got after being fired from her previous post at Kind Doctor surgery in Barnaul.

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    Watch Video 😯 😯 😯 Of the Mess the Surgeon Doctor did based on surgery outcome on Next Page!!!

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