Inhuman Act as Woman cuts off cheating husband’s Pen!s with cleaver

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Police Colonel Somkid Boonlert, the deputy head of Sriracha Police Station, said that officers had received an emergency call about a man’s pen!s being cut off with a knife.


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Also, they arrested the wife and she is being held at the station for legal processing.

Furthermore, Colonel Boonlert added: “Police arrived along with rescue staff and found the man severely injured.

“From the initial investigation it was discovered that the husband and wife had a career together selling vegetables.


“She had an idea that he was seeing other women and she took revenge.

“The man had lost a lot of blood. He is now under close medical supervision. He will never be able to use his pen!s in the same way again.

“Doctors said the cells in the penis are dead as it had been out of his body for too long. He will be disabled for the rest of his life.

“Police officers have detained Miss Karuna for legal action and she is being prevented from seeing her husband.”

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