Mum leaves baby boy covered in sores after kissing him while infected with herpes

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The tot was left covered in painful sores (Image: AsiaWire)

“It was painful to look at,” he added.

At first medics thought he had a skin condition. But later determined it to be an infection of herpes simplex virus 1 – or HSV-1.

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Doctor Zhu said he believes the boy contracted the illness from his mother. Who regularly kissed him on the lips out of affection. Inadvertently passing on the virus to the still developing child.

The dangers of the herpes virus to infants include septicemia and organ damage, Zhu said. Also, saying it could in some cases prove fatal.

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Fortunately, the hospital was able to treat the herpes in time. And the boy has since been discharged following a brief stay at the facility.

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