Real Money Spent on Clothing as these Female Celebs Shows Their Riches

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Well we all know how female celebrities can get when they want to sell out, and get noticed. And to be relevant in the industry regardless, you need money to get money.

For the female celebs, money is quite needed to keep their look going. With clothing acquire, I tell you one thing, most ladies love to show their riches in every possible way they can.

Today let’s Look at the celebs that have appeared to be in these category. And also we will be looking at their net worth.

$1. Antara Biswas

Antara Biswas, better known by her stage name Mona Lisa, is an Indian actress. She has done over 125 Bhojpuri films, and has also appeared in Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films.

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She was a contestant of Indian show Bigg Boss 10 in 2016.

Net Worth. Being one of the most successful actresses in Bhojpuri Cinema, Antara has accumulated much name and fame in her career. She charges a whopping amount of INR 5-7 lakh per movie.

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