The Power of Money: See what money made this lady do

The Power of Money: See what money made this lady do
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Research indicates that money actually can buy happiness — but it depends on how you spend it.

Anyway you will agree with me that money is infectious and affect your decision to do thing if you are not careful.

At the middle of this article you get to see the power of money and also what a lady did because of it.

“When you ask people the secret to happiness, they talk about living with purpose or having close relationships,” says Norton.

And while money can get in the way of that — if you work all the time at a job you hate, for example — spending money on things that foster those goals actually does increase well-being.

Here are three ways to buy happiness.

1) Buy time.

Studies indicate that when we spend money to save time, our happiness receives a boost.

For example, researchers gave people $40 to spend on two different weekends. When the people were instructed to spend the money in a way that saved them time, they were happier than when they were told to spend the money on material items (for example, clothes or wine).

So if your goal is happiness, then consider spending your money to save time. Hire someone to mow your lawn or clean your house, order a pizza and have it delivered, or hire a taxi instead of taking public transit.

The Power of Money: See what money made this lady do

Before you continue with the read up see video of what a lady did for  Lil Pump  😆  😯  ➡

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