The Power of Money: See what money made this lady do

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do you think money is responsible for this act?

Very ImportantYou really can get rich quick now if you have one of these 7 things

2. Spend money on others

Regardless of income, most people tend to spend any discretionary funds they have on themselves, Norton tells CNBC Make It. But “buying something for yourself doesn’t do much for your happiness,” he says. Spending money on others, however, does.

That can be in the form of a gift for someone else or a donation to charity. And the price tag doesn’t matter much.

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Another tip? If you can, spend the money on someone when you’re face-to-face, says Norton, because close proximity garners stronger results. “Evidence of the impact you’re having” increases the happiness benefit, he explains.

3) Buy experiences, not things.

Though we may get a similar happiness boost immediately after buying an experience or a thing, experiences more effectively increase happiness in the longer term. Part of the reason is that we quickly habituate to the happiness derived from things, whereas we can relive the positive elements of experiences through photos and reminiscences. Interestingly, even before the purchase is fulfilled, experiences can give us more positive emotions than things can. When we anticipate a new car or sofa, for example, we may feel impatient. When we anticipate an activity like traveling or bungee jumping, we tend to feel excited.

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But keep in mind that no matter how you spend your money, you should avoid debt. Debt is corrosive to our happiness, undermining it more than we expect.

Beyond spending money, how can we increase our happiness? Check out my video series for some ideas.

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