Unmarried couples whipped were and caned in front of baying crowd for showing affection in public

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Also, according to the Daily Mail, Banda Aceh’s deputy mayor Zainal Arifin said Friday’s flogging was not an act of defiance against the new rules.

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He said: “We understand that the regulation has not yet come into effect and the prison is not yet ready to (host floggings) so that is why we are still doing it (in public).

“Until the new regulation is officially in place we will carry on as usual.”

An Indonesian woman known as Linda is helped by two Sharia officials after being caned for spending time in close proximity with a man (Image: AFP)

About 98% of Aceh’s five million residents are Muslims and are subject to the Sharia law.

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People are flogged for a range of offences including gambling, drinking alcohol, gay sex or any sexual relationship outside of marriage.

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