Woman Caught Doing It with a man in full view of passersby from bank window

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Also, the footage is proving predictably popular with viewers. After it was shared on social media with many online commentators cracking jokes at the couple’s expense.

One online commentator said: “This woman simply decided to close her loan at the bank”. Also, while ‘Artyom Vetrom’ added: “These are some sort of perks of using Sberbank, some sort of a thank you.”

But Not Everyone was amused.

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Igor Luchinin said: “Instead of staying there and filming them, they should have called the cops right away.

“First of all, they are violating public rules… But OK, these people videoed them, but why did you feel the urge to upload it online?! I am deeply shocked by the entire thing.”

Sberbank is a state-owned Russian banking and financial services company which has its headquarters in Moscow.

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