10 Deadly Diseases Picked Up From Animals By Man – Every One is Prone to NO 2

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Determining the origin of a deadly disease is a very important part of understanding and treating the disease properly.

You will agree with me that most dangerous diseases man suffer today emanated from animals and we at ViralGossiptalk decided to compile a list of 10 and how they emanated.

10. AIDS – Cameroonian Chimpanzees


The history of AIDS is extensive, and there have been many efforts to trace its origin, perhaps most famously with the first “patient zero,” Gaetan Dugas. The initial scapegoat, Dugas was a Canadian flight attendant who came to be known as Patient Zero through a misunderstanding, as the zero was not a zero, but rather the letter “O,” for “out of California.” While Dugas took the blame for HIV and AIDS in the 1980s.

It is believe it emanated from Cameroonian chimpanzees. Perhaps by the act of man sleeping with one. No cure Yet

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