11 Side Effects of Masturbation You Must Know Today

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Before Reading through. Put in mind that this post do not intent to lure or make believe around the anti-masturbation behavior. However, this is not done for religious reasons.

However, masturbation which in most cases is seen as a normal sexual behavior. Also has it’s own side effect when it gets too much.

Potential sides effect May Include;

11. It Makes Climax Harder


One proven side effect of masturbation, is the fact that it takes a bit longer for subsequent ejaculations.

In case where one masturbates several times before going on a date and having sex. They might have difficulty to reach climax.

As it is best  to give the penis a day or two to recharge itself. 

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  1. Am tired of Masturbation, but am still doing…
    It seems so hard to stop, have tried every possible way to stop but can’t, am afraid am Losing Health and Weight… But am surprised I didn’t see it on your effects, or doesn’t Masturbation cause Loss of health and Weight?

    • No that is not true. Masturbation doesn’t cause weight loss. It neither impacts your genitals nor any other part of the body. According to various beliefs, masturbation could be responsible for insanity, infertility, hairy palms or blindness. But neither of these beliefs are true.it does not affects one’s Health and Weight

    • Too much of it can cause lose of memory when all you get to think of is satisfying yourself. It can affect finance if you spend too much on toys to help yourself out. It also can affect your confidence in many cases like you can’t easily get to give people your phone device because of the sort of videos they might see in there, especially when you are caught in the act, it can affect your relationship and self esteem.