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 Cambridge, MA

Instructional Contract Coach



We are seeking independent contractors to remotely provide 1:1 virtual coaching, 1:many virtual workshops, online course facilitation, and/or in-person facilitation. We’re looking for current or former educators with experience supporting adult learners in a variety of roles, subject areas, and grade levels to make meaningful changes to their practice.  

You will support educators in thinking deeply about their practice and make strategic improvements by utilizing our coaching model,Try-Measure-Learn. BetterLesson utilizes research-based practices to  engage educators in structured experimentation to address rich problems of practice. 
BetterLesson Coaches focus on 2 main functional areas while applying their knowledge of adult learning and leveraging:
  1. their teaching experience to coach educators in various roles, grade levels, and/or content areas in a 1:1 virtual setting using the Try-Measure-Learn coaching model. BetterLesson Coaches support participants in applying instructional strategies, measuring progress, and using evidence to surface key learnings.
  2. best practices in virtual and/or in-person facilitation to engage educators in interactive virtual and in-person workshops designed to deepen their understanding and plan for changes in their practice.
You will:
  • utilize your knowledge of pedagogy and content to identify effective instructional strategies for educators to implement in their school setting.
  • meet with a variety of educators and support them to demonstrate growth and competency in selected instructional outcomes.
  • support educators to upload evidence of competency on instructional outcomes using our BetterLesson Lab.
  • create safe virtual and/or in-person spaces for educators to reflect on their practice and identify areas of growth.
You are:
  • reflective about your coaching and facilitation practice and use data to actively improve. compelling with your verbal and written communication.
  • a self-directed, diligent teammate who is collaborative and works calmly in a fast-paced startup environment.
  • excited to support educators to improve their practice.
You have: 
  • an overall understanding best practice in one or more major content area (ELA, History, Math, Science, CRTL, ELL, Sped, and/or Flexible Learning Spaces);
  • 3+ years teaching experience and 1+ year(s) of coaching or mentoring experience in a K-12 environment; and/or
  • experience skillfully facilitating (virtually and in-person) adult learning as an instructional coach or other role working with educators to change their practice and/or mindsets.
For the 2020-2021 season, we are prioritizing candidates with experience in the following areas, but will also review exceptional candidates who may not have direct experience in these areas:

  • Candidates with direct experience in K-12 administration (site or district administrators)
  • Candidates with extensive expertise in early literacy and early grades ELA instruction
  • Candidates with extensive expertise in secondary mathematics
  • Candidates with 1+ years of teaching online in a K-12 setting
  • Candidates with experience teaching adult learners in an LMS and/or facilitating interactive group activities via Zoom (or a comparable video platform)
  • Candidates with experience working with students with disabilities in both inclusion and self-contained settings 
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