Buildstack – all-in-one business software for freelancers and agencies – Lead Designer — UX/UI — @GetBuildstack — 100% Remote – Contract/Anywhere (100% Remote) Only

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Buildstack – all-in-one business software for freelancers and agencies

 San Francisco, CA

Lead Designer — UX/UI — @GetBuildstack — 100% Remote



Buildstack is the all-in-one tool for digital agencies and freelancers to run their business, manage clients, track time, and get paid. Our mission is to help freelance digital service professionals turn their freelancing skills into a profitable business that can grow for many years to come.

Who are we? Well, we’re Mayven Studios, Silicon Valley’s design and engineering agency with 50 people around the world. We help quickly growing organizations like Facebook, Google, Nike, a16z, Mixpanel and more with design and development services. We created Buildstack to manage and grow our business without relying on a mess of different tools to get things done.

We’re looking for a UX/UI designer who is familiar with freelancing and running their own business remotely to help us improve the user experience, design, look and feel of the application.

To apply, please first create your Buildstack account here. Once you have an account, invite to your organization as an Internal User – Admin. After that, create a task on the project task board with the following answers:

1. Your name
2. Email address
3. Current location
4. Is English your first language?
5. A link to your online portfolio or website
6. Hourly rate
7. One thing that was confusing to you when you signed up and started using Buildstack
8. From your perspective as a freelancer, the one improvement or new feature you would immediately make to help other freelancers make more money and be more productive
9. Would you use Buildstack to manage your freelance business and why? (It’s OK to say no, just be sure to say why)

Once we receive notification from you of the task, we will review, and if it seems like a good fit we will request some time to speak with you live as the next step. Due to the volume of applications we may not be able to respond to everyone, although we do our very best. Additionally, you are welcome to continue to use Buildstack for free if you have 5 or less users if it’s helpful for you!



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