Depraved couple live-stream themselves having sex in front of their crying 3-year-old daughter (video)

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A couple live-streamed themselves having se-x in front of their crying three-year-old daughter. And the video has angered viewers after it went viral.

Parents Yana Leonova, 23, and Nikolay Kostenevsky, 32, from Yaroslavl in Russia began having s-ex in the kitchen with the door wide open.

And the little girl walked in and watched everything from a few feet away but her parents did not mind.

The video shows the child sobbing, evidently upset by the scene playing out in front of her. The sex act lasted for 9 minutes.

When the couple were through with the se-x act.

Reportedly, The distressed girl said:

“Tomorrow my granny Polina will be here. And I will tell her everything.”

Reports say that her father Nikolay then blurted, “I don’t give a f***” while her mum said, “He’s crazy, but I’m normal. I’m just having a rest.”


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