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This is fairly justifiable: The investigation of the human brain is one of the slightest investigated zones in science. And even specialists concur that there is more we don’t know about the brain operation on the mind than we as of now do know.

At the end of this article you will know certain facts about Your Mind you Won’t Know till you see this

In recent years, our knowledge of the brain has exploded. Most of what we know about the brain has been discovered in just the last 15 years.

So the real brain facts haven’t always entered mainstream awareness yet.

This is a newly expanded and updated article.

    1. Despite its great capacity, the human brain doesn’t have a good ability to distinguish between fantasy and real experiences. Thus, someone can experience a movie as if it were an event that happened in the real world. You can feel sadness, fear or enthusiasm the same way you would if you were truly experiencing that event.
    1. People have false memories. In an experiment, some photographs of volunteers were tricked and they were placed in scenarios or with people in which they had never been. Upon seeing the images, many of them remembered these people and even gave details about the events taking place.
    1. Although it may seem unbelievable, people believe more in sayings that rhyme than in those that don’t.
    1. Someone can physically feel a hit that another person receives, if this greatly impacts them emotionally. This is because there are cells in the brain called “mirror neurons” that reproduce the experience as if you were the one living it.
    1. It has been proven that people establish greater empathy with people who touch their forearm and/or speak to them through their right ear, during a conversation.
    1. Also, when people are making something up, they tend to look up and to the right. If they are truly trying to remember or recall something, they look down and to the left.
    1. It is also a known fact that people have a higher chance of landing a new professional job if they wear glasses to the interview. Glasses are unconsciously interpreted as a sign of specialization or intelligence.
  1. Also the mind is more to interpret a picture that are not understandable more negatively than it would go positively. A sample is shown below.

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