Facts about Your Mind you Won’t Know till you see this

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 9. The average time it takes to forget a great love is 17 months and 26 days.

Woman Caught Doing It with a man in full view of passersby from bank window

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10. A study established that when you suffer a burn, certain brain networks are activated. The interesting aspect of this is that the same network is activated when we suffer through a romantic rejection.

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11. Depressed people dream three times as much as people who are not sad.

12. And as far as physical pain, looking at a photo of your loved one can reduce physical pain up to 44%. The effect is almost identical to that of a common analgesic. 

13. The brains of children that have been exposed to violence within the family have the same patterns of activity as soldiers that have fought in a war. The truth is that every thought is literally a physical path that is formed within the brain. The more you have a certain thought, the deeper the imprint that this path will make and the easier it will be for the thought to reenter your mind. That’s why it is good to constantly have uplifting, encouraging thoughts.

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14. Video games can produce an addiction as strong as heroin. Surely this has to do with the mechanisms that activate willpower, because the strength of willpower depends in great measure on the amount of oxygen and glucose within your brain.

15. When you are exhausted or hungry, it will be harder for you to say no or maintain a specific goal.

16. And speaking of exhaustion, it is estimated that the average person losses concentration after 90 minutes of being continuously focused on something. Therein lies the importance of taking breaks throughout an important task.

17. Within the brain, neurons are connected through many different ways. To be more specific, a million raised to the 10 power. If the brain were a hard drive, it would have the capacity to store up to 4 terabytes of information. In fact, each one of us has around 70 thousand thoughts per day, although many of them are repeated.

18. This is why the brain weighs a mere 1.5 kilos on average, but consumes 20% of the energy and oxygen used by the body.

19. In a study conducted in the United States, it was proven that people who eat food without artificial coloring or preservatives managed to obtain 14% higher scores on intelligence tests. Therefore, what we eat affects the way our brains operate and functions.

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