Female Psychology Secrets Find Out What Ladies Really Wants

Female Psychology Secrets Find Out What Ladies Really Wants
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Viralgossiptalk deemed it fit to share with you our opinion on female psychology secrets that we do agree with and also what ladies really want in life.

Not that these are in our opinion coupled with what we read online that we do agree with.

A. What do Ladies Want.

Well every lady if not all, we believe wants the following:

1. A listening ear

2. They Loves Wardrobe full of dresses and still cries of what to wear and  want more dresses

3. Ladies best friend in their Jaan so don’t even dare to say something bad for our friend.

4. They become impatient when someone says I have to tell you something and then don’t tell.

5. A life partner who is their friend first and understand us well

6. Shopping

7. Lots of photos not really for Facebook or Instagram but for creating memories.

8. They are sensitive and gets hurt when someone is being rude with them.

9. In a relationship a person becomes their priority and they forget that they had their lives too,and when that person don’t care for them it really hurts

10. Many people make fun of ladies that they remember dates. Yes their memory is good. And they  remember even the minute things because they are emotionally attached to someone, so everything is important for them.

Also, they even remember the day they first saw you or when you hold their hands for the first time. And it hurt them when you don’t remember their birthday or anniversary it makes them feel you don’t love them.

11. Ladies career is important so they want a person who support them not one who ask them to leave their career and dreams for him

12. While texting you they want immediate reply. They understand it is not possible every time but when you respond quickly it makes them happy

12b. Ladies have acceptance issue especially when they feel insecure about their body

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