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Free Agency

 New York, NY

Content Writer (Hourly)



Free Agency is a unique talent startup that helps people upgrade and accelerate their career trajectory. Hollywood entertainers and athletes have agents — why shouldn’t everyone else? We currently serve clients (Free Agents) who work in the technology industry. We’ve raised $5.35m from amazing investors, including Resolute Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Ludlow Ventures, and more.
We represent knowledge workers in their careers, similar to agents or brokers in other industries. Some of what we provide is digital, such as tools to track skills, interesting jobs, and career progress. Most of what we provide is concierge service, in the form of Talent Agents who pair with our Free Agent clients on a one-to-one basis.
We are looking for an experienced individual to serve as an as-needed writer across multiple initiatives at Free Agency. You will be responsible for writing or editing documents related to our Free Agents, helping us pitch them to companies, tell their stories to potential future employers, and otherwise expand their personal brand. Typically, the results of your work will be brief emails or messages we’ll send directly to recruiting contacts and hiring managers.
You’ll deal with a variety of client profiles, needing to constantly write compelling, customized copy that demonstrates their potential fit to a particular job or tech company. You should have decent familiarity with the tech industry and the roles that are common within it (product management, software engineering, performance marketing, ops, etc), as that familiarity will allow you to better write copy that sells a specific candidate’s story into different companies.
You might be good for this role if other job titles you’re looking at include:
  • Content Creator/Manager
  • Technology Writer or Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Other tech professional (PM, engineer, marketer, etc) looking for part-time work
Your responsibilities will include:
  • Edit/draft short emails or messages that sell individual candidates for specific jobs/companies
  • Research talent, job, and employer-related information to write on-target material
  • Receive and integrate raw feedback on your writing, style, or content
Things that you may want to know:
  • We enforce, enthusiastically, the Oxford comma.
  • Free Agency does already have a particular voice we’re looking to keep/evolve, so you should be prepared for a lot of feedback until you adapt.

You should have a strong familiarity with the tech industry and its related roles so that you can quickly understand our Free Agents and why they fit particular roles/companies.

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