Guys Stunt On His Healthy Food Tips For Thanksgiving

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Stage Two – Health

Before heading to the kitchen, keep these healthy tips in mind to enjoy the festive food without going overboard.

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3. Eat in the a.m.

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5. Hydrate.

Make sure to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Not drinking enough H2O could spark hunger pangs, which may actually be thirst.

5. Go easy on the apps.

Cheese and crackers can happen any day of the year. Save your appetite (and calorie consumption!) for dinnertime.

6. Use a smaller plate.

Stick all those Thanksgiving sides on a smaller plate. Research shows it’ll help you eat 22 percent fewer calories, while a bigger plate of food may be licked clean, even if we’re not hungry.

7. Dim the lights.

Studies suggest that eating in softer light may lead to consuming less food. So create a nice intimate ambiance that everyone will love.

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