Inhuman Act as Woman cuts off cheating husband’s Pen!s with cleaver

Inhuman Act as Woman cuts off cheating husband's Pen!s with cleaver
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An envious wife hacked off her cheating husband pen!s with a kitchen cut in the wake of finding his affairs.

Karuna Sanusan, 24, told police she held up until her husband Siripan, 40, had slept off then got him in the mood of of doing his bed duties.    Before cutting his big P with a 12-inch long carving knife.

Furthermore, the wicked wife at that point threw the detached pen!s out of the room window so that no one will discover it. While Siripan her husband was in his own bloodbath.

Now Neighbors hearing the husband cries of pain quickly called the police. The police attend to the situation few hours later  at their home in Si Racha, Thailand.

They gathered up the disjoined pen!s and place it in a fridge for specialists to attempt to re-connect yet surgeons said that it would be impossible.

Siripan was hurried to a close by Samitivej Sriracha Hospital while Karuna was captured and held in authority over the assault.

cheating husband Siripan

The wife, hails from Cambodia, was videoed by correspondents sitting serenely as she was met by police.

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She told officers that she had recently discovered her husband had been seeing different women and hatched the revenge plot to cut off his pen!s.

Also, she said: “Me and my husband work together selling organic vegetables at a stall.

“Before this happened I became suspicious he was messing around with other ladies. I always saw him with a lot of girls and I had an idea of what he was doing”.

“Then I found out that he was secretly going with other women. This made me very angry. I was full of anger and couldn’t relax.  And was so angry inside.

“I planned to do this. I got him in the mood in the morning while he was absent-minded, then used the knife to cut off his pen!s.  I threw it out of the window.”

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