Model shares shocking photos after she had removed her Silicone Butt

model share after picture of removed silicon from butt
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An American Instagram model who is into fitness, recently underwent a removal and reconstructive surgery to get all the silicone removed from her butt shared details of what she went through.

The lady who is known as @getbodiedbyj on Instagram shared shocking photos from the surgery and gave an update on the operation.

She wrote:

“1 Day Post REMOVAL & reconstruction of silicone, YES they CUT it out & suggesting more reconstructive surgery because the silicone was embedded within my skin, fat, muscle & tissue all the good stuff that I NEED, right now IDK if I want to go through this again. SO I’m just focusing on healing! PSA?I don’t post pics for pity or sympathy I post to EDUCATE! So if you can’t appreciate that & want to be negative while I’m trying to spread positivity & LIGHT just UNFOLLOW because No one has time for ignorance?? I have my journey highlighted on my page under Butt shots because people are asking me the same questions over & over.”

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