Right Education on What Feminism is All about

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I am going to share with you some wrong education about feminism some people may be receiving

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What’s not wrong with this definition is its focus on equality, not female superiority, sameness, or any of the other things people sometimes think of when they hear the word “feminist.” So in the name of clarity, here are a few things that the word “feminist” does not mean.

1. The Belief That Women Are Superior

Feminism has often been misread as a celebration of womanhood. But that would defeat the purpose of feminism, which is to challenge the notion of “womanhood” altogether.

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Identifying as a feminist not saying that being a woman is great or better than being a man. It’s saying that being a woman or gender non-conforming person should be as good as being a man, but currently, it isn’t.

2. That Someone Has Negative Views Of Men

Since feminism is against gender stereotypes, generalizations like “men are bad” would actually fall under the category of “anti-feminist,” since it is itself a gender stereotype.

4. The Belief That Everyone Should Be The Same

Feminists are sometimes accused of trying to make humanity homogenous by getting rid of gender roles, and if your view of diversity means dividing people into two groups and two groups only, then maybe feminism is challenging that. But that’s not how I want to conceive of diversity.

7. That It’s Just Another Word For “Complaining All The Time”

First of all, when someone accuses feminists of “complaining,” I wonder, have they seen the world? Because there’s a lot to complain about. Calling feminists angry or negative just fuels a stereotype that discredits them for bringing up valid problems. Secondly, though — and perhaps more importantly — they don’t just complain.

Feminism can make people laugh, inspire people, and give people a lot of hope.

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