Shocking!!!! Dead baby discovered blocking drain (Graphic photos)

baby found in drainage
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The dead body of a baby boy was found by a repairmen after he was called out to unblock a drain in Sri Racha.

Initial reports suggested that the fetus was no more than 6-7 months old, but it is not yet clear as to whether the boy was born healthy and then killed, or if he was a still born.

The shocking discovery was made at Charoen Sin apartment complex. At the scene, the 27 years old repairman who was unfortunate enough to make the discovery was waiting to show police where the body was.

Police gathered photographic evidence before transferring the body to a local hospital, where a full examination will take place to determine the exact cause of death.

Police are now waiting on the results from the hospital before continuing with their investigation.
They have, however, been able to locate the suspected mother and father of the baby through various tip offs from worried locals.

See photos below…

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