That Moment Where Electricity not generating Light Supply Should Happen

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Also let’s Look at some of the Facts about power outage

#1 Power Outage Frequency

According to Data Center Dynamics . The rates of power outages have increased by 50% from 2008 to 2014. As our electrical system is aging, it is becoming increasingly fragile and susceptible to man-caused and nature-caused disruptions.

#2 Funeral Homes

Power outages effecting funeral homes can change family plans. The embalming process of replacing bodily fluids with preservatives uses electric pumps. While it can be done with gravity, this knowledge likely only lives in textbooks (reference).

Most places capable of cremating bodies use gas or propane with an electric spark. These might be able to be manually started if it didn’t require electric controls of the flow of propane. Assuming gas lines are still pressurized.

#3 Gasoline

Gasoline requires electricity. From pumping the gas from barrel to tanks, tanks to delivery trucks, trucks to gas stations, gas stations to your car. Each step of the way requires an electric pump.

Some of these pumps may be run off a gas engine but some do not. A power outage has the potential to massively impact gasoline availability, even if your individual gas station has power.


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#4 Post Office

Post Offices still deliver social security and other payments. A power outage preventing these checks from being delivered could cause many dependent on them to be short-changed.

While your local post office (and bank to deposit the check) may be operational, if other post offices are out of commission for a short while it could seriously delay delivery.

This would have the most impact on the elderly, disabled, Veterans and many others relying on the mail for their income checks.

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