These are 6 Ways a Girl Can Lose Her Virginity Without Sex

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Most people ties the virginity of a girl to her hymen. Some believe that if her hymen breaks she is no more a virgin. While some individual may belong to the school of thought that it’s only sex that is responsible for breaking a hymen.

So what is Hymen then?

hymen is a thin piece of tissue (flesh) that partially covers the opening of the vagina. It is an elastic skin that could stretch back and forth. Yet, this hymen could tear even without having sex.

Shocking that an hymen can tear without sex?. Ok, if it tears without sex then is the lady still a virgin?

It could be Yes and No. Depending on your definition of virginity

1st Case:

If virginity to you is limited to a girl having sexual intercourse with a man, or anal sex, lesbian practices, using dildo and all forms of sex toys. Then you are right

2nd Case:

Therefore, if virginity, to you, means having the hymen broken by any means other than what is in 1st case, then a girl can lose her virginity without sexual intercourse.
Because the Hymen could be broken due to other practices aside having penetrative sexual intercourse. 

However, These are 6 Ways a Girl Can Lose Her Virginity Without Sex

1. Playing Sports

Playing Sports

Some sports like Football and basketball among many others, are sports that require a lot of rigorous movement and jumping. This kind of body movement could cause a damage to the hymen and cause it to rupture and break away.

In other words, excessive movement may harm girls who are still virgins, possibly causing them to lose their virginity.

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