Top Celebrities Who Go Braless And It’s Awesomeness

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Celebrities world is way too ‘infested’ with extravagant and risky fashion choices.

While girls admire gorgeous looks and dream of stealing them, guys pay attention only to crazy outfits and are attracted to really hot clothes.

When women  dare to go without a bra, nobody is able to pass by. When it comes to braless celebrities female stars, the whole world starts discussing this. Some celebs even put on sheer through clothes! Without further ado, check out the gallery of celebrities who decided to give their boobies some freedom.

15. Rita Ora

Rita Ora is our no 10 pick. She is comfortable and worth staring at. Probably this is what Rita Ora thinks about going braless.

You can often see the starlet looking like this. So hot!

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  1. I hate wearing a bra. As soon as I walk into the house, I take my bra off. I did take a look at this celebrities who go braless and it wasn’t a surprise because I have seen those 15 woman before exposing their breasts. I have no idea for their motivation to walking around showing their breasts. I’m a boomer, but even when I was younger, I always wanted to be mysterious and leave something to the imagination. Growing up my breasts weren’t too big or small, probably just right for my figure and shape. I never had any desire to have my breast sticking out for others to see. When I look at woman who always and I mean always have the breast exposed, I truthfully do not understand it. They seem to buy tops that accentuate their cleavage on purpose. This is an interesting discussion. Truthfully, I don’t care what other woman do. What ever rocks their boat and they enjoying doing, great for them! I think with time gravity pulls everything down. Maybe they love the attention?? I also see a lot of men loving to expose their big muscles.

    • Interesting point of view, i think it’s because of the comfortableness and freedom going braless feels. You, yourself, said that you don’t like the bra, i understand that whole transparent thing is awfull, i would never do that (or even go braless at all since got big saggy boobs), but being braless is such a blessing, if i could i would. There are stickers to cover the nipple,, wich maybe they dont like but i would use, but not wearing a bra is very comfortable.