12 Stretch Marks Facts And Stretch Marks Removal

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12 Stretch Marks Facts And Stretch Marks Removal

If you have stretch marks it is probably not your fault. But then let’s see what facts we can work with and apply solutions to this fact and become stretch mark free.

Here are amazing facts about stretch mark you don;t want to joke with

1. Doing Exercise moderately will probably help with the avoidance of stretch marks more than vigorous exercise.


Doing your exercise at a moderate pace regularly will be a better way to prevent stretch marks than doing more vigorous exercises like weight lifting and bodybuilding. When muscles grow in size quickly, this can also cause stretch marks to develop.

2. Being thin is no guarantee that you won’t get stretch marks.

Stretch marks is not limited to fat people only. And no matter how thin a person is, they can still develop stretch marks. Whether it be from hormone fluctuations or a genetic background of stretch marks, they can happen to anyone regardless of their weight.

3. Stretch marks can be caused by an underlying illness.

Stretch marks can be caused by illnesses such as Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

Cushing’s causes hormones to be overproduced, which can weaken the skin. Marfan syndrome also weakens the skin due to a defective gene. EDS affects the proteins in the skin, making it vulnerable to stretching.

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