12 Stretch Marks Facts And Stretch Marks Removal

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4. Losing weight is no guarantee that your stretch marks will go away.

Maintain an Ideal body weight

In as much as losing weight when stretch marks are in their early stages can help reduce them, exercise will not make stretch marks go away.

They are comparable to scars, but on the middle layer of your skin. Only through treatment of the stretch marks themselves can there be noticeable change in appearance.

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5. One’s hormone levels can affect whether stretch marks will Occur.

Your hormones are in charge of making elastin fibers and collagen in the middle layer of the skin, which allows it to stretch.

When there is a fluctuation in hormones, elasticity in the skin may decrease, making it more susceptible to the development of stretch marks.

6. Genetics can impact whether you develop stretch marks.

If you have a genetic disposition to stretch marks, you can develop them regardless of your weight or hormones. Due to this fact, stretch marks are unavoidable for some individuals.

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