11 Effective Proven way to Avoid Cancer Today, No, 8, 2 and 1 are Key

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06. Have Clean And Healthy Diet:

more frequent meals

Clean and healthy diet includes healthy foods without containing pesticides and other chemicals.

Several studies showed that more than 40 carcinogens are discovered in all pesticides. Hence, one of the most useful ways on how to avoid cancer naturally is to get a clean and healthy diet.

In addition, the foods contain resistant starch is a good choice for you because resistant starch can help decrease the risk of colon cancer when you eat too much red meat.

Some studies showed that over 700 mg of calcium intake a day can help to decrease the risk of colon cancer to 45 percent.

You can try adding more garlic and onion to your meal. They are known as the foods that prevent cancer thanks to its powerful anticancer properties. Garlic is also very rich in flavonoids, oligosaccharides, arginine, selenium that are very good for your health.

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