20 Most Effective Tip to Stopping Game Addiction – Worth a Try

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20 Most Effective Tip to Stopping Game Addiction - Worth a Try

Addiction to Video game can be very detrimental to social life and health wise. Too much of everything is never good for any one.

As things needs to be done in moderation, we bring 20 Most Effective Tip to Stopping Game Addiction. They include;


1. Identify The Triggers

The is the first thing you should put in consideration.

Triggers are physical and mental cues that make you want to indulge in the addiction named “playing games”.

You should try to find out what things make you always want to play video games. It could be a unique website you go to online that starts your video gaming frenzy.

It can also be the outside motivation when people around want you to play games with them. You need to do your best to discover what triggers are pulling you into the hold of playing games all the time.

2. Spend More Time Hanging Out With Friends

Lifestyle that helps you grow tall

Friends are  important factors that make up our life, As they are there to give you support whenever you need.

Therefore, instead of spending time staying still on a seat and play a lame game, you should hang out with your close friends and enjoy fun together.

In addition, you should walk around the mall or the park to improve health.

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