Fashion Designer Makes Bulletproof Clothes For The Rich And Famous

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Miguel Caballero, the world’s only maker of “designer bulletproof fashion”, is opening an outlet

A fashion designer may have found the answer to gun violence – stylish clothing for men and women that is completely bulletproof.

His business is worth £4.5 million annually. Customers include Prince Felipe of Spain, King Abdullah of Jordan, the actor Stephen Seagal and Hugo Chávez, the president of Venezuela.

Designer Miguel Caballero first developed his line in his native Colombia, where wealthy clients needed protection from Medellin drug cartel hit men, but didn’t like the bulky look of bulletproof vests.

After all, if you must run away from a shooter, why not do it in couture?

Two years ago, Caballero saw the sky-high level of gun violence in the U.S. and thought, “Market!”

He opened up in Miami, and it’s been a thriving business ever since.

Celebrities were the first to wear his impermeable apparel. Caballero made Sean (Diddy) Combs a bulletproof white dinner jacket, tunics for the Wu Tang Clan and a kimono for Steven Seagal, New Yorker writer David Owen reports.

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