Check Out Celebs Who Have Gone Fat – Now Vs Then!

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Most best Celebs of all time, especially those who acted as super hero in their movies all had an amazing figure. some successfully kept their figure and this makes me ask this question, what the heck happened to the once i will e listing out here today.

Anyway join me as i present to you Celebs Who Have Gone Fat – Now Vs Then!

10. Val Kilmer – 1986 vs. 2012



Remember seeing Val Kilmer play Batman in the mid-1990s? You might have been a tween or in college then, but I remember thinking, break me off a chunk of that mouthwatering-ly delicious chiseled work of art. Well, not so much anymore. Valley Boy looks nothing like that chunk of hunk he once was. Now he’s just, well, the chunk part.

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