10 Mysterious And Unpleasant Creatures That Lives Side By Side With Us

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We all know that according to Wikipedia Cat is the most popular pet. In second place is a dog. Also, pets have become an integral part of our lives and full members of the family. 

But, unfortunately, not all animals adjoining people give happiness and joy. However, at Viralgossiptalk we will share with you 10 Mysterious And Unpleasant Creatures That Lives Side By Side With Us


Earwig 1
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Scary long insects can be found in spring and summer. They crawl out at night in search of food, and earwigs feed mainly on the larvae of other insects, aphids and fruits.

There is a belief that earwigs climb into the ear of a person, gnaw the eardrum and settle in the head, but this is not so. During the day, insects hide in ventilation, under water pipes, in wood and leaves. For a person, earwigs are not dangerous. You can get rid of them with insecticides, which are sold in hardware stores.

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Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori
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Helicobacter  is a small but very insidious bacterium. It is the cause of stomach ulcers, gastritis and duodenitis. It is transmitted through saliva when kissing, using common dishes, cutlery and a toothbrush.

Two thirds of the world’s population is infected with this bacterium. But, fortunately, 70% of cases of infection are asymptomatic and do not affect the well-being.

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