23 Weird things about Britain that confuse the rest of the world

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23 Weird things about Britain that confuse the rest of the world

The British are unconventional and slightly strange, occasionally bordering on downright barmy. From chasing cheese down country hills to snorkelling bogs to catch some thrills, the British are as baffling as they are charming.

However we have got 23 Weird things about Britain that confuse the rest of the world.

23. They Eat Pizza With Folk, Literally Everything

The British believes that It might not be instinctive, but using a fork and knife is a totally legitimate way to eat your pizza.

But a vast majority of Americans eat pizza with their hands rather than a knife and fork, and flat-crusted New York-style pizza is preferred to deep dish Chicago-style.


6 thoughts on “23 Weird things about Britain that confuse the rest of the world”

  1. I don’t agree with all. Most of this is so so so far from the truth. 8 alcoholic drinks a day? Most dont even have 1.

  2. I can explain:

    Tea: Well, it just is

    Carpeted bathrooms: We have wooden floors and it’s cold. A winter in UK would show that getting up with ice on the window and trotting into a heated bathroom with fitted carpets, is the way to go.

    Queueing: It’s civilised – you may have been standing in a queue for train tickets for an hour, then 100 people push in front of you because they are bigger, and fill the train, leaving you to wait for the chance to get on the next one? Sounds “survival of the fittest” to me; we gave that up when we stopped painting ourselves blue.

    Weather: We talk about the weather so much because we get so much of it. It’s a great ice-breaker. No one in the Arabian Gulf starts a conversation with “It’s hot today, isn’t it?”

    Other daft stuff: It’s what makes us what we are – basically daft. It’s an endearing trait.

  3. That photograph of tea reflects nothing that ever happens in my house, and I am as British, no damn it English, as a Texan born GOP member with a room full of guns and devoted to God is American. It is not a ceremony but merely a refreshment taken when I am not drinking coffee.

  4. I am a native from UK can assure you I certainly do not have a carpet in my bathroom- we did in the 1980s it went in 1990s to be replaced with what was called “cushion flooring” a sort of washable decorative plastic flooring material that was cut off a wide roll. This was replaced by wide ceramic floor tiles with a textured non slip finish in the next bathroom complete refurbish.

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