20 Strange Customs around The World That Looks Insane

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20 Strange Customs around The World That Looks Insane

In a world that is filled with so many countries, religions, tribes and customs, it is  extremely impossible for everyone to like everything.

However, considering the fact that we have come a long way since civilisation began, some communities are stuck with age-old customs and tradition. While some of these may be mystical, others are downright lame. Here are 20 Strange Customs From Across The World That Looks Insane

1. Eating the dead’s ash in Venezuela and Brazil

Eating the dead’s ash in Venezuela and Brazil

Beyond any doubt one misses their loved one’s the point at which they pass away. But eating their ash to remember them forever? A little far awkward,  isn’t? That is precisely what the Yonamamo clan from Brazil and Venezuela does.

Since tradition prohibits them from keeping any body part, it is scorched and crushed, and the remaining parts are isolated among the relatives and eaten by all.


2. Famadihana – Dancing with the dead

Famadihana - Dancing with the dead

A funeral tradition followed by the Malagasy tribe in Madagascar, individuals truly hit the dance floor with dead bodies as part of the Famadihana custom.

After bringing bodies of ancestors from their burial place, they re-fold them in new fabric and dance around the tomb to live music. The custom is followed once in seven years, yet has been in the decline of late.

5 thoughts on “20 Strange Customs around The World That Looks Insane”

  1. Hmmm. Crazy people everywhere. what on earth is wrong with most people. Imagine eating the ash of the dead not to talk of that of a child’s placenta.. OMG

    • Eating a child’s placenta I heard is a common practice in China. I heard it has some health benefit, But hey carry your pregnant wife with your bare feet on burning coal is very good… lol!!!. It will help men control their down below knowing that their wife could be pregnant

  2. The world needs to wake up. Imagine this statement “When a family member passes away, women from this tribe have to suffer physical pain besides suffering from emotional grief.”

  3. What sort of devotion do we call no 18.
    Devotees often pierce different parts of their body with silver skewers. So so Insane


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