30 Creepiest Walmart Shoppers Ever Seen

Booty Show This red head lady looks every bit of a hottie with that peeping butt cheek but we’re not so sold on that cellulite though.
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We all know that Walmart is a place to shop get groceries but most of the time, it looks more like a carnival filled with weird, spooky and freaky shoppers who look like they came straight from another intergalactic planet.

I guess this is the reason why people don’t want kids at Walmart. However these are 30 Creepiest Walmart Shoppers Ever Seen

30. Another Bad Hair Day

Another Bad Hair Day

Maybe a trip to the salon will make things easier for this woman. Don’t you just agree?

29.Butt What?

Butt What

Well everybody has some nice butt crack to flaunt but this sure ain’t look like it is one of them.

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