Why Zoos Are Important and Zoo Facts for Tourism

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Why Zoos Are Important and Zoo Facts for Tourism

We are in the midst of a global extinction crisis and many are wondering if the zoos are doing more harm than good. Well viralgossiptalk have decided to clear it out with why Zoos are Important and Zoo Facts for Tourism we should all know about.

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21 % of all known mammals are threatened with extinction
30% of all known amphibians are threatened with extinction
12% of all known birds are threatened with extinction
28% of all known reptiles are threatened with extinction
37% of all known fresh water fish are threatened with extinction
35% of all known invertebrates are threatened with extinction
Australia has an alarming rate of extinction, with the worst mammal extinction record in the world.

The plight of animals globally is something that concerns all of us. We believe that zoos, every day, play a critical role in bringing communities closer to animals and inspiring people to take actions to save wildlife.

Here are 5 facts about good zoos.

FACT 1: Good Zoos help fight wildlife extinction
2: Good zoos educate visitors
3: Good zoos attract good people
4: Four of Australia’s leading zoos are not-for-profit
FACT 5: Good zoos constantly strive for better and better animal welfare

Zoos have improved significantly in the last 4,000 or so years. Gone are the old steel-bar enclosures and cold cement cages. Most zoos these days use natural-looking barriers like moats or ditches to separate animals from people, and have mini-habitats that resemble the animals’ natural environment.

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