Karma Every Man Gets When They Don’t Apply Caution to what they do

Karma Every Man Gets
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Our eyes give us one of our most precious and important senses: sight. It’s truly wonderful to see with our own eyes the great things that God has created.

But there is one big problem that many of us have with our eyes: how we use our sight. Many of us look at the wrong things. Although some things that we look at, watch, and observe do not necessarily lead us to sin or are sinful in nature, we should be careful what we allow our eyes to gaze at.

Entry Point

Our eyes are both the steering wheel of our body and the entry points to our soul. Whatever we see and gaze at fills our imagination and thoughts after a while. Most of these things become what influences us.

When we are not cautious the following are bound to happen.

Karma #1: Shame is Good!

“But a little bit of shame is good: If you can’t stare at the wrong thing”. Funny as it sound. 

A good person would feel shame if they cheated on a test or did something mean to a friend. Feeling shame or being ashamed  is one of the most miserable feelings of them all. When you feel shame, you feel like a bad person and regret what you did.

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