Kim Kardarshian Soon to File for Divorce and Leave Kanye West

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Kim Kardarshian Soon to File for Divorce and Leave Kanye West

Is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West getting divorced? Rumors have been rife since the rapper’s first meeting,  a candidate for the White House, which took place on Sunday, July 19 in South Carolina, in the United States.  During his speech, Kanye announced that he and his wife had almost had an abortion when she was expecting their first child, North. The anti-abortion candidate then burst into tears on stage, crying, “I almost killed my daughter!”

In the days that followed, Kanye West published a series of tweets, deleted subsequently, in which he laid emphasis on wanting a divorce, accusing his wife, Kim Kardashian of having to want to cheat on him. And, of wanting to have him forcibly interned, or even to leave. taking from her stepmother Kris Jenner, who is nicknamed Kris Jong-un.

Following a statement asking the media and the public for ” compassion “, evoking the bipolar disorder experienced by her husband, Kim Kardashian joined him in Wyoming, despite Kanye West’s multiple refusals to see his wife.

Kim Kardarshian Soon to File for Divorce and Leave Kanye Wes
Kanye west apologizing

Photos of the event were posted to TMZ media showing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star in tears, in a car, her husband next to her.

For the first time since this sequence, Kanye West has again posted a series of tweets this Friday, July 31. He returned to his tears, on the scene of his first meeting, which he said were justified. ” I cried at the idea of ​​aborting my first child and everyone was worried about me. I worry about the world who thinks we shouldn’t cry about this, ” he said. he first estimated. Then add, in a second message: ” There is the 4D tactic: distract, discredit, dismiss (dismiss) in order to destroy. I’m fine. Take the time to understand what’s going on here. “

Well, according to PEOPLE, it’s been revealed that Kardashian “feels that she has tried everything” with the West. “She isn’t getting back what she needs from Kanye. She was to the point that she flew to Cody to basically tell him their marriage is over and to say goodbye.”

Also, they added that the 2020 presidential hopeful is striving to work on the marriage, but hasn’t taken any steps to repair their fractured relationship.

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