When She Tells You Her pregnancy test is positive – Don’t Say these 8 Things

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When She Tells You Her pregnancy test is positive - Don't Say these 8 Things

For a lady, a standout amongst other parts of being pregnant is when she gets the chance to impart the upbeat news to her darling.

The issue is that men aren’t generally so excited about pregnancies, particularly if the lady being referred to is only a sweetheart or companion with benefits and not an official spouse. Pregnancies terrify men and therefore, we have a tendency to respond in the most blunderous ways.

It’s essential to understand that the lady did not make the child alone. Regardless of how shock you are, refrain from saying the wrong thing. Here are 8 Things you should not say about her positive pregnancy test


1. What are you going to do?


Why influence it to appear as though it’s her concern?. This shows how much you lack a sense of responsibility. It’s not about her. It’s about the both of you.

2. You should get an abortion.


Ah ah. after pregnancy test turns positive, know that abortions are not legal in most African countries and that means there are no safe ways to do it. Most abortions are done by quacks. Don’t make a woman take health risks or  go out on a limb for your own narrow minded reasons.

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