Woman Fakes Pregnancy Just To Get Ambulance Ride

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ambulance abuse
A woman is seriously facing a hefty fine after police say she faked a pregnancy and being ill to get a ride to a Westmoreland County hospital, which is in her hometown. 
More so, Leann Armstrong told police she called an ambulance service after being stranded outside overnight in Latrobe.

“The next morning, she just called an ambulance and said she was having difficulty with a pregnancy,” Greensburg Police Capt. Robert Stafford said. The ambulance drove the 25-year-old woman and a male companion to a county hospital in Greensburg.

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But, the woman walked out of the hospital before doctors had a chance to examine her.
“Before she was checked, she just walked out of the hospital, motioned for her friend to leave the waiting room, and they just walked out of the hospital,” Stafford said.

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