54 Mind Blowing Fact About The Teeth You Don’t Know

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54 Mind Blowing Fact About The Teeth You Don't Know
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31. Just brushing teeth is not enough. Brushing takes care of 40% of oral hygiene. Remaining 60% is taken care of by flossing.


32. The first ever toothpaste to be ever made was by the Egyptians some 5000 years ago. It was just a mixture of pumice and wine.

33. Mountain Dew Teeth or the Appalachian Teeth is the name given to the rotten brown teeth of people in Appalachian region of USA.

Mountain Dew is their official drink which even replaces water most of the times. It is this constant sipping of this beverage that has caused this dental crisis.

34. Chinese researchers are trying to grow teeth synthetically. They collected stem cells from human urine (not a good place to hunt for stem cells) and used the same to grow human teeth in the mouth of a mouse.

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Beginnings of enamel and dental pulp were recorded but there is still a long way to go.

35. Studies show that keeping toothbrushes 6 feet away from the toilets does not really help in keeping toothbrushes free of germs.

Toothbrushes get smothered with bacteria everyday in our mouth and the best way to keep our toothbrushes free of germs is to keep them dry because bacteria thrive well in moist conditions.

36. Using a bristles cap for your toothbrush isn’t going to help either because, those caps prevent the bristles from becoming dry. The best thing to do here is to dry out the bristles properly before using a cap.

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