Finally Johnny Depp claims US $ 410,000 in defamation

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Finally Johnny Depp claims US $ 410,000 in defamation
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On the last day of the high-profile litigation between Johnny Depp and News Group Newspapers (NGN) in London, the actor’s lawyers claimed 350,000 pounds (US$ 410,000) of defamation.

Officially, the lawsuit is being played between the film star, Johnny Depp, and the NGN-owned daily The Sun. In reality, it was the shocking testimony of the ex-wife of the star, Amber Heard, that attracted the most attention.

Sixteen days of trial. For more than three weeks, the ex-couple Heard-Depp had fought in front of the London High Court in England. At the root of this statement, an article about the pair appeared in The Sun in April 2018.

The subject article revealed that the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies had killed his wife. Johnny Depp had no intention of sitting idly in the face of these allegations. He wanted to continue his everyday life.

Called to testify on behalf of the tabloid, actress Amber Heard depicted a star who is sometimes addicted to drugs and alcohol and abusive. She says that her ex-husband sometimes beat her and even attempted to strangle her during her four years of relationship (2012-2016).

On his part, Johnny Depp denies any claims of domestic abuse. His ex-husbands, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, who have lived with him for a total of more than 14 years, insist they never met the man mentioned by the 37-year-old actress. The actor says that his ex is a compulsive liar.

After more than three weeks, Johnny Depp ‘s lawyers today demanded 350,000 pounds of libel from NGN.

The judgment is now reserved for a later date.

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