Tampa woman awarded for fighting off gym attacker by police

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Do you recall that viral footage that circulated not too long ago, showcasing a Tampa woman fighting off her attacker? Let me fill you in on what actually took place.

The footage in question was released recently, showcasing Alma, a remarkable and steadfast individual, amid her workout routine at the Inwood Park Apartment Complex gym in Tampa. Alma did not know that danger was lurking just around the corner, waiting to strike.

Xavier Thomas-Jones, the perpetrator, infiltrated the building and approached Alma in the gym, making his intentions clear. Alma, displaying an unparalleled level of strength and resilience, refused to succumb to Thomas-Jones’ advances and fought back with all her might. Despite her efforts to evade him, Thomas-Jones relentlessly chased Alma around the gym, fueled by his sinister and nefarious intentions.

With unrelenting determination, Alma forcefully pushed back against Thomas-Jones, fearlessly and repeatedly telling him to stop. The two engaged in a harrowing back-and-forth struggle, with Thomas-Jones even managing to overpower Alma at one point, pinning her to the ground. But Alma refused to back down, mustering all her might and determination to resist her attacker and protect herself.

After an agonizing and grueling eight-minute ordeal, Alma finally managed to break free and flee the scene, calling 911 for help. Meanwhile, Thomas-Jones attempted to flee, but was eventually apprehended by the authorities less than 24 hours later, and charged with a litany of crimes, including sexual battery, false imprisonment, burglary, and kidnapping.

Following the traumatic incident, Alma expressed her fervent hope that other women would learn from her experience and be empowered to stand up for themselves, refusing to become victims of such heinous acts. In recognition of her unwavering courage and determination in the face of such adversity, Alma has been honored and awarded by the police.

We commend Alma for her exceptional bravery and resilience in the face of such unspeakable horror, and we hope that her story will serve as a powerful and inspiring reminder to all of us that we too can rise up against injustice and refuse to be silenced by the oppressors of this world.

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