Top 25 Making Money Side Jobs you can do from home

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Viral Gossip Talk - Top 25 Making Money Side Jobs you can do from home

5. Gardening


Having a garden is such a great money saver for your own home. By growing your own food you cut down on your grocery bills, but why not take it a step further?

You can plant more than you need and sell the abundance. All you need is to get a booth at the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s and sell your fruit, vegetables, and other wares (crafts you have created) for a good profit. There’s really no real extra work as you’re already doing it for your own family.

How much can you make with your gardening actually depends on – what vegetables you grow, the Farmer’s Market booth rental, the area you live in.

Let’s look at this little calculation. You got 5 extra tomato plants for $5 each, each plant yields about 20 pounds in which you sell for $4 a pound, the booth rental is $30 for 5 Saturdays. $400 – $25 (plants cost) – $30 (booth) = $345 made on the tomatoes!

However, you just can’t have tomatoes only, so do this for each extra food you provide and it can get pretty profitable.

Gardening can be a risky business as its weather dependent, how much yield you get from the plants, and any other natural occurrences – insects, animals, wrong soil type and so on.

Do check with your city regulations, the Farmer’s market rules (rent for a weekend or required for the whole season), and health regulations regarding food.

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